Skill Soup

 Premiere Pro
Edge Animate
After Effects
Cinema 4D

I created this animation as a visual display of my skills as I found other methods of enumerating skills, such as graphs and lists, to be boring and clichéd.

To create this animation I first created the bubbling soup and pot in After Effects. I then exported the animation as an image sequence and recompiled the images as a GIF in Photoshop. Next, I imported the GIF into Adobe Edge and overlaid an animation of moving text beans. Finally, I took the HTML code exported by Adobe Edge and inserted it into the About page of my website

Because the moving text was created in Adobe Edge, each piece of text is an HTML div. This means the text can be highlighted, copied, and pasted (go ahead and try it, it’s fun!). In addition, the text can be parsed by search engines and other web tools for search engine optimization.